Easter Dinner Cruise Budapest

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Enjoy the Traditional Hungarian Easter Dinner & Cruise on Budapest!

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Easter Monday is one of the most popular holidays in Hungary. As part of the old traditions, the men are ’watering’ the women on Easter Monday, which represents freshness and beauty for the rest of the year. Women prepare hand-made colored eggs for the ’watering’men.

In the old days the watering was done with fresh water, but nowadays perfume is used.

During the Easter Cruise Dinner, we cruise along the Danube, where you could admire the city's night lights and its all monumental buildings historically and culturally known worldwide from a more spectacular perspective than any other alternative ones; from the water on board, taking a 3-hour journey. Our Easter dinner catamaran and also the program are maximum child-friendly, so everything is ready to provide you a memorable, enjoyable experience. Our boat awaits you with high-quality live shows and a tasty four-course menu.

Your ticket includes

  • ~ 3 Hours budapest cruise
  • Candle-lit dinner
  • 4 - Course menu
  • Welcome drink
  • Live Folklore show
  • Private table
  • Drink package (optional)
  • Window table (optional)

Evening shipping on the Danube at Easter – Cruise and dinner together

Although Easter traditions and folk customs are more common in the countryside nowadays, you will not be without programs and Easter fun in the capital. If you do not have any plan for the holiday yet or how you should spend a pleasant evening far from home or the hotel room, let’s take part in our Budapest dinner cruise program! Instead of getting ready for home, spend some quality time with your loved ones on Easter Sunday or Monday and explore the most amazing eye-catching places of Budapest from a luxury catamaran, cruising on it for 3 hours. While you are taking pleasure in awe-inspiring sights of the capital, you absolutely have the chance to try our delicious 4-course dinner. Get delight in the panoramic view, gazing at the architectural wonders from a comfort seat meanwhile tasting the meals and enjoying each other’s company, finally being together relaxed and celebrate.

  • Adult ticket

    / person
  • Adult ticket & window seat

    / person
  • Adult ticket & Drink Package

    / person
  • Adult ticket & Drink Package + window seat

    / person
  • Adult ticket & All You Can Drink

    / person
  • Adult ticket & All You Can Drink + window seat

    / person
  • Child ticket 5-15 years old

    / person

How do Hungarian people celebrate Easter?

On Easter Sunday, we do celebrate the greatest celebration of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Monday is the day of watering in the Hungarian folk life.

Once in the countryside, girls were sprinkled with water, and in some areas, they were bathed – originally, men used to sprinkle with clean water, unfortunately if it was cold at Easter, it could be a disease. Nowadays, women are much luckier than ages before since they are just perfumed, using modern perfume by ‘watering’ men, and in a competition for their kindness, women give hand-painted eggs or today chocolate eggs, bunnies even unfortunately some money. Although we cannot promise watering on our boats, on Easter Sunday and Monday as well Szamos marzipan chocolate eggs are served to all our guests.

Boarding 19:00 19:30
Departure 19:30 20:00
End of the tour 22:30 23:00

What could you expect on our cruising program?

Of course, if we cannot promise any watering, the red egg cannot be missed; all our guests are gifted by a stylish Szamos marzipan chocolate one besides a welcome drink and a 4-course dinner. If you would like to seat by window, you have the opportunity to choose that type of ticket. Or take our unlimited drink package that could be booked online, too. Would you prefer non-alcoholic drinks or are you addicted to alcoholic ones in a positive meaning? You will try as much as you want, selecting from our list of beverages. Choose the truly special Easter cruise in Budapest at an affordable price with friendly service staff and professional singers, musicians, dancers who are struggling to provide an unforgettable live music performance during the whole 3-hour cruise.

Our catamaran – a well-maintained, newly built, fully air-conditioned and well-equipped - departs from Dock 11 at 7.30 pm or 8 pm and ends at 10.30 pm and 10:45 pm with an evening meal program accompanied by live folklore show, including a uniquely special entertaining event, guiding you into the wondrous world of the Hungarian folk customs. We ensure to get some knowledge of the Hungarian culture, folk traditions in a cozy atmosphere, performing sometimes humorous, sometimes melodic but the most popular operetta and folklore songs by the best musicians and singers.
Amazing folk-dancers are dressed in sightful Hungarian costumes, making a breathtaking show and giving the possibility to learn the basic folk steps and try them on stage, taking a little piece of it to home. Hungarians really take a pride in old customs, including the traditional folk dancing in worldwide known Kalocsai “Matyó” embroidery dresses. At Easter many women like to wear these kinds of amazing hand-made clothing, taking part in folk dance festivals all over the country, making hand-made objects, painted eggs or doing everything that helps to keep Easter traditions alike.

So, could you expect a better way to celebrate Easter? Join our dinner cruise in Budapest and enjoy all delightsome meals done by our famous chef on board. Would you prefer international tastes our might you try the typical Hungarian ones? That’s the most excellent place to eat a traditional goulash soup as a simple vegetable one but really originated from our lovely country.
Book today your favourable tickets being only available in limited quantities! Or try “pörkölt” if you are not vegetarian but interested in paprika and meat with home-made pasta.

Actually, the 3-hour cruising folklore and operetta live show does consist of two parts. The first one is full with traditional music, especially some Hungarian folk songs can be heard, although or talented female singer does know many famous operetta ones so if you would like to meet up your favourite, let her know gladly. The second part of the show is more about the folk entertaining dance, performing an absolutely exciting and awe-inspiring dance show, demonstrating the so-called battle dance while women will have the chance to test their balance on head. It is so difficult to hold a bottle filled with wine on the top of your head, isn’t it?

All in all, during the Budapest Dinner Cruise, you might have a sight at the most wonderful buildings of Budapest, get to know the famous bridges crossing the Danube, some cultural attractions like Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Gellert Hill, Matthias Church and of course, the House of Parliament as the greatest example of a perfect architecture. If you have the opportunity, take a tour on foot, too and do not miss the Castle Hill as the most significant area for visitors coming to Budapest. You must see its historic monuments, museums and fine cafes, lovely old houses even take romantic walks trying some great Hungarian restaurants.