Firework Dinner Cruise with Folklore show

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Celebrate the 20th of August with us!  St Stephen  Day with Folklore Show is the most Hungarian Programme in the whole year!


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Firework Dinner Cruise and Folklore Show

August 20th, Budapest Boat and Dinner Program - Folklore Dance and Operetta Program

One of the most well-known parts of Hungarian traditions is folklore dance and folk costumes. How could it be better to celebrate the founding of the Hungarian State than a traditional folklore and operetta program with a Danube boat dinner? This program not only informs tourists coming to Hungary with traditional Hungarian customs but can also be part of one of the most important holidays of the year.

The Hungarian Government starts the firework from the Elizabeth and Chain Bridge. Our departure place is one of the most popular places where our guests get an opportunity to see the whole show. Our Dinner Cruise takes a 1 round on the Danube before the start of the Firework Show.

What does it include on our Dinner?

  • Adult ticket

    Include: 4 course dinner + welcome drink
  • Adult ticket & window seat

    Include: 4 course dinner + welcome drink + window seat
  • Adult ticket & window seat with Drink package

    Include: 4 course dinner + drink package + window seat

20th of August is not only a day when nobody works and we watch the Fireworks Show on the sky, but also one of the most important points of Hungarian memorial history, when was the foundation of the State.


Despite the great view of the programme from everywhere in the center of Budapest, it can be a great experience if you watch the program directly from a Danube River Cruise.

Boarding Time

6.00 pm

Departure Time

6.45 pm

The tour end

10.30 pm

Fireworks usually start at 9 pm in the evening and provide nearly 1 hour of entertainment for everyone. The location of the program has been on the Budapest Chain Bridge in recent years, thus ensuring the right sight for people living in different parts of the city.