Standard Driving Experience


If the driving on the road is not enough for you then you find the perfect tour in Budapest for you! Be fast as much as you can and feel the real race on your skin!

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Choose our gift and we guarantee an unforgettable driving experience! 

Do you know a person watching the Fast & Furious car movies with crime scenes all the time? Or who uses the remote control as a gearshift, treads on the pedals and bend in the sofa with the characters? Or is this you? Or your friend? We have good news then. You can leave your room and pay attention to professional drivers this time who teach you special techniques in reality.



„ half Pitbull, half rally car...this car possesses a real far as it is concerned, it is ingenious, but no way a pretty one.... the beauty in it is the minimalist approach when everything surrenders to the functionality”


BMW, the ultimate driving machine, has been the market leader for countless years thanks to its fans who admire all its intricate details. Are you ready to learn tricks with this sacred car?

The adventure is waiting for you to drive these ultimate machines. Hop into one of the sports cars and breathe its power after ignition. Come and drive the car to the speed limit of your dreams or just peek some rally tricks or drift techniques during test driving.
Upon choosing our joy ride you can experience extreme driving on local tracks. Throw away your remote control, grab the wheel instead!

Join us and curve with hundreds of horsepower!

We tend to provide a special afternoon for fans of racing whose secret dream is to be part of a chasing scene.

This event is dedicated to those who regard driving as a type of art with a deep monumental power behind it creating the feeling of euphoria.

If you are eager for adventure and wish to be the main character of a car movie, contact us, and don’t just watch it from outside the rails.

Let’s see the content of your gift:

  • a sheer joy ride
  • a real race
  • education from professionals on driving tactics and maneuvers
  • driving over 300 km/hour
  • special, posh cars
  • 2 laps on local racecourses


  • You need a passenger to share the experience of driving? No problem, choose anybody you want.
  • Or you have changed your mind and like to opt for a silver or golden gift to gain a skyrocketing experience? It’s also solvable.
  • Need a shuttle service to properly warm-up before driving? Contact us for the details.