Join us on board for a refreshing experience!


Our Cocktail cruise offers a ~3 hours sightseeing tour and 5 optional cocktails.

The cruise begins at the heart of Budapest, below Erzsébet bridge, on the Pest side.

Departure place: 1051 Budapest, Petőfi tér, Dock 11.

Boarding is 15 minutes prior to departure.

Boarding Time


Departure Time


The tour end

~ 22:00


The cruise takes place during sunset, providing our guests with the most fabulous views of the illuminated Budapest.

While enjoying the gorgeous panorama, guests can indulge in 3, freshly prepared cocktails on board. (5 cocktails included in the price)

Spend 3 hours on board with utter elegance and comfort. Take a seat on our terrace or chill out on the air-conditioned lower deck.  (Heated in the winter)

Our Sunset Cocktail Cruise is ideal for both ending a tiring day of sightseeing or to warm up for a great night out in Budapest.

Bring your family, your partner or friends and spend a pleasant night on board with us.


20th August, State Foundation Day of Hungary

As far as it is concerned, August 20th is one of the most popular national holidays in Hungary. Usually, Hungarians celebrate with dinner and fireworks. No one goes to work on this day; instead there is a huge celebration with the hoisting of the national flag on the Kossuth Square accompanied with fascinating fireworks at night. Nevertheless, the 20th of August is not only a day when nobody works and we watch the Fireworks Show on the sky, but also one of the most important points of Hungarian memorial history, when was the foundation of the State more than a thousand years ago by King Stephen I.

This day is also famous for the celebration of the New Bread. In many towns, priests bless and slice a loaf of bread. It has been celebrated since 1092. Then the craftsmen’s day takes place, where the current year’s Cake of Hungary is baked. Also a procession is held in the honor of the Holy Right Hand (the mummified right hand of St. Stephen I). The celebration’s ultimate experience is, of course, the fireworks, as the closure of the events.

Fireworks usually start at 9 pm in the evening and provide nearly 30 minutes of entertainment for everyone. The location of the program has been on the Budapest Chain Bridge in recent years. The music is usually old classics, which will balance the modern scenery. Among others, the colors represent the red-white-green Hungarian flag and the yellow-blue flag of the EU. The blazing stars dance to the Blue Danube Waltz and famous songs accompany some of the firework formations like of the famous Hungarian rock opera, Stephen, the King.