Vip – Driving Experience


Are you crazy about driving? You were always longing for exceeding the 200 km / h speed limit? You can do it with us even up to 300 km/hour if you like.


Choose our gift and we guarantee an unforgettable driving experience! 

Are you crazy about driving? Sitting behind the wheel and taming the roads is your beloved hobby? Also, your friend doesn’t get scared of going over 60? Then we ensure you and your nearest and dearest the perfect gift.
You were always longing for exceeding the 200 km / h speed limit? You can do it with us even up to 300 km/hour if you like. The purpose of our joy ride is for you to feel 700 horsepower rumbling through your body.
Now let’s switch to a higher gear.

What you can drive?

Premium Budapest Program - Drive Extreme Cars

Just to look at our Premium category cars boils your blood; and what if you could drive one?
Nowadays it is common to see these dream machines on the street blasting through with their mighty power, but with us, you can test your limits to the extreme to see your and our beasts’ full potential.
Come with us and get a taste of ripping the pavement with extreme horsepower and taking the turns with surgical precision.

What will you get during our Budapest Tour - Driving Experience

We are offering an opportunity for the wide fan base of luxurious race cars and exotics to have a personal experience driving these premium category cars most of us can only look at.

But now this premium joy ride has set foot in Hungary on well-known racetracks. If the huge body and power of these amazing luxurious vehicles enthrall you, plunge into the deep water and take this opportunity. It’s you who definitely deserve it.

For inquiring a gift card or making an appointment, feel free to contact us on the phone.

Let’s see the content of your gift:

  • a sheer joy ride
  • a real race
  • education from professionals on driving tactics and maneuvers
  • driving over 300 km/hour
  • special, posh cars
  • 2 laps on local racecourses

  • You need a passenger to share the experience of driving? No problem, choose anybody you want.
  • Or you have changed your mind and like to opt for a silver or golden gift to gain a skyrocketing experience? It’s also solvable.
  • Need a shuttle service to properly warm-up before driving? Contact us for the details.