Wine Casino – Danube cruise with Taste and Play

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Taste the best Hungarian Wines and play on roulette table! Take your bets and become a wine expert about, taste special Hungarian finger-foods!


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  1. Terry Ben

    Join for Game and let’s play with wine cheaps without any real money! Try the best Hungarian Wine and choose your favorite.

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Wine tasting Budapest

Wine and game – two great obsessions which accompanied the most part of human history. Enjoy both of them tonight with us! Join our wine tasting Budapest program! Our Wine Tasting Game is not only ideal for stag/bachelorette parties or team building but also have a good time for couples or families. Of course, only if everyone is at least 18 years old.

Hungarian wines are worthy famous. The country has 22 wine regions, so Hungary is most definitely amongst the top wine producers of the world. And when a country like this has breath-taking river panorama to flaunt as well it is only inevitable for these two attributes to be eventually merged. Why we cannot merge the feels of the game with a taste of life? Our special casino programme make it happen for you!

Did you know that our eye is one of our most important sensory organs? It provides us namely 80% of all the information received during the day. Most of us know that sensory organs help each other. For example, if you caught the flu, you can’t smell and also can’t taste very well. Every people has surely experienced this phenomenon. However, have you ever thought that vision also helps you to taste food and drinks? It may be strange but true!


What can we do without vision? Well, our Wine tasting Budapest Program invites you for a special challenge. Our special wine tasting game can be attended over the age of 18. The pleasure of the fun atmosphere and the cheerful discovery is guaranteed.

Partake in a never-before-seen experience in Budapest. Watch the game, place your bets and enjoy a fine selection of Hungarian wines. It is a game with wines, only game chips are used, there is no risk of losing actual money. Wine gourmet or a ‘one glass with dinner’ type of enthusiast? Wine Roulette is an ideal choice either way.

Best wine tasters are able to differentiate several shades of tastes. Find out if you are talented in this area! Join our wine-casino, and experience your skills of wine tasting while you can enjoy the view of Budapest and the charm live music.

wine cruise

During the 3-hour river cruise, guests become players and get the chance to test their wine knowledge, to taste wines from all around Hungary and to admire the gorgeous Budapest panorama. Sail past some of the most beautiful sights of the Hungarian capital on board of a luxurious catamaran and taste wines with the utmost elegance. Besides the exciting game, it is worth to flash a glance to the view, because the sunset on the River Danube is an unmissable experience. Moreover, you can admire the buildings standing on the riverside, such as the House of the Parliament, the St. Stephen’s Basilica or the Castle. All of them have had an important role in Hungarian history and culture.

But what is this game really about? It's an interactive wine tasting that is based on casino gaming.

Short description of the game

At first, you can decide if you want to play individually or in groups. There are at least 2 people in the game, and you can get up to 10 because our tables can be comfortably utilized for up to 10 people.

Do you like roleplays? Then you will enjoy our idea: every guest can „hide behind the face” of famous characters, such as Zeus or Mr. Bean. This situation can be really joyful, and it may help you to get to know better the other members.

The game consists of 7 rounds. Before starting the game, we will introduce you the rules and also tell some basic information about the Hungarian wine regions. It is important because all the tasted wines are selected from the 7 wine region located in Hungary. The chips are distributed for everyone equally. The value of them will reflect the price of the wine casino, so you have the chance to use your money twice during the evening. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Let’s start the game! We fill the first round of wine, and then players will try to guess the perceived characteristics of the wine listed on the table. During the roulette, we use black glasses – so your vision won’t help you to recognize the color. Actually, participants get to blind-taste the wine poured into their glasses. They can guess the wines’ color, produce date, percentage, and type.

Now comes a little bit excitement: please enter your bet! Chips are provided just like at a real casino! Bets are placed and at the end of all some players emerge victorious and get to leave with a prize. After wagering, the croupier reveals the wine, then she provides interesting information about each wine and delicious snacks are served. Naturally, it is neither a formal lecture nor an exam. So don’t worry, you will not fell asleep because of the boring and long details.

Once the prizes have been paid, the next round is started. Altogether, there are 7 rounds. Our professional and charming croupier guarantees the good mood. The roulette is planned in a way which can be enjoyable for both starters and more experienced wine consumers.

What will happen after you win our Wine Tasting Budapest?

A game cannot exist without a prize. We know this basic rule very well, so don’t worry: the winner can win his/her prize. And what is it actually? Well, this is yet a secret until the prize is awarded! It is important to note that this roulette is primarily a game, and it is not about money: the chips do not have the value of the money.

However, it is worth to collect your chips industriously, and we would like you to reward your skilled tasting. You won’t get money for them – but you can buy a bottle of good wine for the rest of the evening. We have further good news: if you were so successful that you doubled the number of your original chips, you will receive a 10% discount from the price of the bottled wine’s prices. You can buy wine either individually or with any of the participants.

During the roulette, you can order from the bar. And do not forget about snacks – they are essential parts of every ’drinking programme’. Their role is naturalizing the taste of the previous one. So the former experience won’t disturb the tasting of the next type. We recommend you to taste our snacks between the tasting rounds. This tasty finger food will be served between two glass of wine. We also tell you which snack is matching best with the current wine to strength up the aroma. This information may be useful if you eat out next time at an elegant place!