1. What are the prices of the tickets? What do I get for my money?

All our programs have their own page on our website, where you can find detailed information about each program’s price and what you exactly get for it. In case you will still have questions unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.


2. How do I know if my order is confirmed?

You will receive an email informing you the order has been confirmed. Orders are generally confirmed within a few minutes.

3. Why did I not receive an email after creating a booking?

We will send you an email within 10 minutes to verify that your booking was purchased. If you have not received this email check your Spam or Junk Mail folders as our email could have been filtered there. In case you still did not get this email, please contact us at [email protected] 

4. When do I have to buy the ticket? Can I buy tickets on that day or do I need to book tickets in advance?

You do not have to buy tickets in advance, but we would suggest that you do it prior to travel, because of our limited places.

5. Where can I buy tickets?

a)    Online

  1. Our websites: You can purchase all our ticket types online. Buy tickets securely, at your convenience, day or night, 365 days a year on our website, on the page of the preferable program.
  2. Our distributors' platform: There are some online platforms selling our programs you can purchase a ticket from.

b) TicketLand - Official Sales Office: Find our ticket office at Piarista street 1.Google Map

c) Hotels: Ask about our programs at the reception.

d) On our river cruises: You can purchase your ticket even on the starting point at dock 11. or buy from our official salesmen.

6. Can I pay by card or only in cash?

a. Card: You can pay by card basically everywhere where we are selling tickets. On our website, we offer credit card payment via SimplePay Payment Gateway and Paypal. Moreover, our website accepts Amex card.

b. Cash: You can pay by cash at the TicketLand, at the Hotels, and at the Dock.

7. Do you accept Budapest pass, OTP szépkártya?

No, we do not accept the Budapest card or OTP szépkártya.

8. Can I pay with other currencies than Forint?

Beside the Forint, you can pay with Euro (€), Dollar ($), Or Pound (£) as well at departure place. However, our website only applies Forint and Euro.

9. Should I print the ticket?

  • Do I have to print the tickets?

       Since for us to let you in, the most important is the reservation number, you do not have to print your ticket in case you can show it on your phone.

  • Do I have to print e-tickets in color?

        No, you can print your tickets in color or black and white as well.

10. Why should I book windows seat?

Our folklore show is placed in a bigger room of the ship where we have tables even in the middle of the room and the view from there is not so enjoyable as right next to the window, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view.

11. What discounts do you offer?

a. Group discount: Over 10 people we can offer you a group price. For details, please contact our reservation team.
b. Child Ticket: Children between 5 and 10 years get a special price. For more details, please check the booking pages of our programs.

12. Are you able to accept large groups?

Since our programs take place in different cruises and different rooms, each of them has limited places:
a. For the piano show right now we can accept reservation for groups of 54.
b. For Folklore show, we have the capacity of 110 people.
c. Our ship for the sightseeing program and the booze cruise has 100 places, but in case you are interested in joining our booze cruise with more, than 20 people, please contact us.

If you are interested in one of our programs as a private and you are not sure our seats can be enough for your group, do not hesitate to contact us, [email protected]

13. Can I buy ticket as a gift?

We have the option to create a gift voucher in case you would like to surprise your beloved one with a river cruise program.
a. Please, take under consideration, we can post the voucher only within Hungary

b. You have to ask for the voucher 72 hours before the program starts

c. Please write the address we have to send the voucher under „Order Note” while booking.

d. You can buy vouchers threw online,visit our gift shop:

14. What could I do if I want to make changes regarding my booking?

  • Changing the time and the date of booking
    We ask you to contact the reservations team to discuss which day you would like to change to.
  • Changing the quantity of the booking
    We ask you to contact the reservations team to discuss how many people you would like to come with.
  • Transferring ticket to other people
    Since all booking has a reservation number, the only thing you have to do is to bring the printed booking or show on your mobile. If the name on the ticket is different than yours, it is still valid for use.

+ 36 20 332 53 64

  • Call us!

15. How do I cancel a booking?

If you cannot travel as planned, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible by contacting our customer service.

16. Will there be a cancellation fee when I cancel a booking? How many days do I have to cancel a booking without being charged a cancellation fee or forfeiting a refund?

  • Canceling or modifying a reservation 72 hours before the start date of departure - 100% of the refund is to be refunded.
  • Canceling or modifying a reservation within 72 hours from the date of departure - 100% of the total amount is not refundable.

17. How will I know if the date or time of my event changes?

We recommend that you double check the event start time the day prior to your event. You can visit our website or the venue website. In case of any changes, we contact with concerned. (We reserve the right to changes our program.)


18. What style of food do you offer for the dinner?

We offer our 4-course dinner with the European-influenced cuisine, paying attention to a high variety, so people with food intolerance or vegetarian preferences can find something on our list.

19. Do you have a gluten-free and lactose-free menu?

We created our menu so you will definitely find something from it even you have lactose or gluten intolerance.

20. Do you have a vegetarian menu?

We offer a vegetarian starter, soup and even different type of main courses for people who have vegetarian preferences.

21. Can I buy extra service for my dinner? Such as drink package or premium seat?

We have drink package which is extra € 25 per person and we offer premium seats on the boat for extra € 14  per person. These prices are not valid at Christmas Eve, Valentin Day's day, New Year's Eve and 20th of August.

22. What does it include in the drink package? What kind of drink is available on the spot?

For more information about our drink package and a'la carte drink, please click on the following link


23. How to get there by public transport?

  • TRAM:

Take the tram #2 which goes along the Danube and had been chosen to the top 10  tramways on the world by National Geographic. Take off at Március 15. square. + 2 minutes          walking

  • METRO:

1. Metro 1 or 2: from Deák Ferenc square it takes about 15 minutes to walk there

 2. Take the metro 3 and take off at Ferenciek Tere, then start to walk direction Danube, it will take about 12 minutes to get there.

  • BUS:

#115 and take off at Petőfi square our dock is about 5 minutes far away from there 15 of March square has buses to stop just like: #8B, #8E, #178, #5, #110, #112, #133E, #108E

24. Where do I park?

At the riverbank or under the bridge for a special fee.


25. Where does the tour start, where is the dock?

Our tour starts at Jane Haining rkp., Dock 11, next to the Elisabeth Bridge.

26. When should I arrive? What is the boarding time?

  • Sightseeing tours: 20 minutes before departure
  • Pizza & Beer cruise: 30 minutes before departure
  • Dinner cruises: Folklore Show Boarding time starts at 7 pm and the departure time is at 7:30 pm. | Piano Battle Show Boarding starts at 7.30 pm and the departure time is 8.00 pm.

27. Is there any dress code?

We say it is nice to have a respect for an evening occasion and not to wear bikini or sport clothes for a show, but for us, the most important is to create for you a comfort zone, so choose something that makes you feel good for a dinner cruise.

28. Are the cruises wheelchair accessible?

Some of our boats are wheelchair accessible. Right now only our folklore show is available for wheelchair users. We ask you to contact our team - before booking - about this condition to let us prepare you a proper place. Moreover, our dinner boat has a toilet for wheelchair users. More information about opportunities, please call us: + 36 20 332 5364

29. Special Occasions

Passengers celebrating special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays, should alert ship personnel upon booking the tour. Special services are available (some free of charge).

30. What is the rout of the cruise?

Our cruises start at dock 11 which is placed underneath the Elisabeth Bridge and go directly north till Margareth Island. After takes 1 round till Rákóczi Bridge, where they turn again and back to the dock. During the dinner programs, the cruises make this turn twice.

31. Is there an open deck on board? Is there window protection from the wind?

Sightseeing boat: half of the boat has an open deck and the other half is protected by glass. This makes you feel comfortable in any kind of weather.
Dinner catamaran: We have protected dinner halls on our Catamaran, however, there is an outside balcony on the back and even at the front side where you can enjoy the fresh air and take pictures of the illuminated city.

32. Are the boats heated during winters even having to air-condition for the summer?

a. Summer: Our cruises have to air-condition or are open during summer so you can enjoy the fresh air while floating on the river.
b. Winter: All our boats are fully heated as soon as it gets cooler.

33. Are pets allowed on the boat?

Unfortunately, in Hungary, we have a strict pet policy, since we have catering on our boats, and all these programs have to meet special health & safety regulation. (In case of animals such as rescue or guide dogs, we can make exceptions.)

34. Is there any smoking area?

The only smoking area is on the backside trace, outside where there are some ashtrays on our dinner boat. Furthermore, our sightseeing and pizza boat also has a terrace on the upper side where our guest has an opportunity for smoking.

35. Will I get seasick on a river cruise?

On the Danube, waves do not really exist unless a slight wake from another passing ship. We have unique designed catamaran for our dinner cruises, which means it is more stable than a normal boat. However, at the dock, you can feel a slight shaking, since the water hits the wall.

36. Is there a toilet on the boat?

Yes, we have toilets on all of our cruises.

37. Kid-friendly?

You can buy a child ticket for the following programs:

a. Budapest Sightseeing Cruise
b. Dinner Cruises

38. Free Wifi

Yes, we have free wifi! Everyone can use it who bought a ticket for our cruises. The password is not necessary.

( Only one cruise which does not have internet access is Margitsziget)

39. Can I charge my phone?

Please be prepared and charge your phone prior to the cruise starts, you will need the camera function.

40. First Aid kit

Of course, we have first aid kit on our cruise ships and we are prepared for any accidents. If it is necessary.

41. Is it possible to rent a boat as a private for a group?

We can offer a private cruise for groups with special wishes, for more information, please contact us: [email protected]