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Why settle for less when you can opt for premium Budapest Cruise and fine dining on the Danube?

When in Budapest one cannot miss out on sailing past the architectural wonders of the Hungarian Capital. The Castle district, the Citadella or the House of Parliament are just a few of the numerous gorgeous attributes the embankment of river Danube flaunts. And whether it is sightseeing, a refreshing warm – up session before a fun night out or indulging in Hungarian cuisine while sipping at the finest local wines, Silverline Cruises got it covered.

What makes our tours the best possible choice for a Danube Cruise?

We offer a vast variety of programmes ranging from purse friendly activities to upscale dinner and river cruise tours which are all accompanied by live music and dance performances.

Budapest River Cruise

Budapest River Cruise

Cruise with us on the Danube on a ship with unique design, built in 2013. Our cruise ship is unique both in its technical qualification and appearance, it is a truly special sight on the Danube. Lay back, relax and enjoy the amazing panorama of Budapest!
The biggest advantage of cruising is that it offers a unique perspective for sightseeing. No bus or pedestrian tour can be compared to this experience.
During the Budapest Sightseeing Cruise you can marvel in the capital’s most breath-taking sights: the Buda Castle, the House of Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion and many other monumental buildings.

Budapest Danube Cruise 

The Budapest Sightseeing Cruise through the city centre offers fantastic panorama to Buda and Pest alike. You can take a look at the bridges connecting the two riversides from a perspective you may have not even imagined before. As our ship passes under a bridge, you can truly feel their monumentality.

Budapest Sightseeing Cruise through the most beautiful section of the Danube
Our ship sets sail from the centre of Budapest, the Elisabeth Bridge, it proceeds to the Margaret Bridge, where it turns back to the direction of the Rákóczi Bridge. The starting point and finish of the cruise is the same location.
Our 75-minute long cruise gives you the opportunity to marvel in the breath-taking panorama of the capital. In addition, with our Audio Guide, you can listen to other important and interesting information about the history of the city.
Be sure not to leave your photo device home! The best pictures of the capital and the House of Parliament are taken from the deck of our ship!

Pizza & Beer River Cruise: Why not kick off your night with a few pints of beer aboard of a beautiful boat that amongst others, cruising under the divine and rightfully symbolic Chain Bridge? Gather your friends and replace the boring bar scene with bashing on river Danube instead. Unlimited beer and optional snacks and meals await.

Budapest Dinner Cruise with Piano Battle Show: Budapest is stunning by day, but nothing can compare to its sights by night. Sign up for a superb evening programme and enjoy the perks of fine dining. Let our dinner and river cruise feed your senses as you are taken on a journey through the city. During the 3 hour river cruise you are introduced to the finest examples of culinary art, the most beautiful face of Budapest and real entertainment a ’la Hungary.

Sign up for our Piano Battle show with Dinner Cruise during which two pianists strive to snatch the lady from the other’s grasp whilst playing both classical and modern pieces.

Budapest Danube Dinner Cruise & Folklore Show with Sightseeing: Should you look for something more authentic, do not lose out on our Budapest River Cruise and Folklore/Operetta Show that depicts what it is like to have fun the Hungarian way. It all starts out with traditional music that is played in the background while you enjoy your dinner, following which performers arrive that introduce you to conventional Hungarian dances and get you swaying to the rhythm of local songs.

Private events: Hire us for tailor-made private or corporate events on board.

Enrich your vacation with an unforgettable experience and lie back as the picturesque city’s sights unfold in front of your very eyes.

Budapest Sightseeing Cruise

The pedestrian streets of Budapest and the city center itself offer many interesting attractions for adventurous tourists. However, it has to be taken into account that the road leads to crowded streets and parks. Still, there is a smart way to avoid the crowd but be able to visit all the famous attractions of Budapest. Join one of our Danube sightseeing cruises and be able to adore the romantic side of the Hungarian Capital from a totally different perspective.

It is no exaggeration to say that one of the most spectacular views of Budapest is provided by the panorama from the Danube River. The Danube itself and even more the Danube bends represent such a unique panorama, that it became a part of the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So this is such a spectacular attraction in Hungary, that it is included in a ’do-not-miss’ category of every Budapest vacation.

During our Budapest river cruise, we invite you, your friends and even your family for a 75-minute boat trip on the River Danube, from where you can admire the Buda Castle or one of the symbol of Budapest: the Parliament, and the Gellért Hill and many other attractions in the capital of Hungary.

In addition to our cruising program in Budapest, we recommend using audioguide. (The information is available in 11 languages; ask our colleagues to help you set up the audioguide device) This allows you to enjoy more of the details of the history of the capital, while you are enjoying the experience of the sailing and the views of the city. And if you are hungry during the sightseeing cruise, we can serve you with delicious Street Food offered in our buffet.

Sit down comfortably or stand next to the handrail, enjoy the gentle ride of the ship, enjoy the warm or cool breeze on your face and be immersed into the panorama of Budapest.

Pizza and Beer Boat tour

This type of cruise is a version of our Budapest sightseeing cruise, with the difference, here we offer a pizza per person and unlimited beer consumption during the whole tour in addition to the experience of sightseeing and sailing on the river.

On our Booze cruise, the price of the tour includes besides the sightseeing, a delicious pizza (size: 26 cm, 5 x variety) as well as UNLIMITED BEER and non-alcoholic drink consumption.

Join our Sightseeing cruise in the middle of the Danube River, take a look at the most beautiful panorama of the city, accompanied by a delicious pizza and unlimited drinks by your choice.

Take a break during your walking tour of the city center and join our cruise where you can have a lunch break while visiting the attractions from a different perspective. Or join us around sunset and discover the most beautiful colors Budapest can provide you, or even dine together with your friends, colleagues, or family members while you go for a 75-minute river cruise in Budapest.

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