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new years eve abroad
Many questions could be raised regarding to the best destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Where is the best place to spend this special day? Where and how should I go abroad? Is it essential to discover new places, new environments, new different culture and lifestyle still at the end of the year? Summer vacation
The public awareness believes the best time to visit Hungary, especially Budapest is during the summertime because of what the great atmosphere, the ruin bars, and the Danube river offers to the visitors. But if someone doesn’t like to sweat on the extreme hot streets at summer, here is a good news, Budapest is almost
The winter holidays are over and you are wondering where to go instead of the Christmas market in Budapest. We have some good ideas about things to do in Budapest during the winter vacation. 1. Skate on Europe’s Largest Outdoor Ice Rink Among Budapest’s many seasonal draws is Europe’s largest outdoor ice skating rink (the
The best ruin bars in Budapest to visit during your holiday Why are these places so special? Actually, they are pubs but you shouldn’t expect an elegant milieu. These bars can be found in old buildings which seems to be ruined. Furniture and decoration such as old toys, bikes or photos seem to be from
Stephen I.
About 20th of August in Hungary   In Hungary, there are lots of traditions related to both religious and national holidays. National holidays Hungary are the followings: the holiday of the revolution and fight for freedom in 1848 (15th March), St Stephen’s day on 20th of August (this king established the Hungarian state), and the
In Hungary people celebrate Valentin’s day and exchange gift to express their love, however this holiday is not so much commercialized here like in the U.S. It does not mean you won’t get romantic atmosphere, namely Budapest is fundamentally one of the most romantic cities in Europe even in the everydays, imagine how romantic it
Easter in Hungary
Easter in Hungary Religious and national holidays Hungary In Hungary, there are lots of traditions related to holidays. Obviously, they are not really served in big cities but in little villages, they are preserved even nowadays. Besides the three big national holidays, even religious holidays are celebrated with several interesting and sometimes spectacular traditions. Hungarian
20th of August, the greatest national holiday in Hungary Actually, 20th August is a national holiday in Hungary but this is a really complex day because it has national, folk, and even religious features. For tourists, it’s a good new because there are various programs on this day all over the country. It’s not surprising