When you visit a new country, the most important question is what to visit, what to try during the holiday. Well, in case of Budapest, based on the fact, that Hungary is constantly climbing on the gastro leaderboard, it is really important to have another question: what to eat, where to eat? If you are
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About Hungarian People   10 Things to know about people of Hungary   If you travel to a foreign country, you don’t visit only the sights – but actually the nation itself, too. So let’s see some major tasks about Hungarian people and their country!   1. Hungarian history There were some tragic episodes which
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5 BEST PLACES IN BUDAPEST IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE HUNGARIAN CUISINE The basic components of the Hungarian cuisine are the Paprika, Potato, Cabbage, and the pork meat, venison, goose liver and so on, and of course the combinations of these ingredients with some spicy pepper on the top if possible or sour cream.