In Budapest Danube river is one of the main natural attraction or even a hotspot of different kind of activities just like the most famous river cruises all along the whole river. But the Danube river Budapest side is the most interesting all along Hungary, even so almost 30% of the river is located between
Stephen I.
About 20th of August in Hungary   In Hungary, there are lots of traditions related to both religious and national holidays. National holidays Hungary are the followings: the holiday of the revolution and fight for freedom in 1848 (15th March), St Stephen’s day on 20th of August (this king established the Hungarian state), and the
In Hungary people celebrate Valentin’s day and exchange gift to express their love, however this holiday is not so much commercialized here like in the U.S. It does not mean you won’t get romantic atmosphere, namely Budapest is fundamentally one of the most romantic cities in Europe even in the everydays, imagine how romantic it
5 reasons to spend your New Year’s Eve at Budapest! You won’t be disappointed! Firstly, let me introduce Budapest to you. This is the city which earns so many awards in past years, such as the second  Beautiful city in the World or here you can find the best hotel in 2017 marked by Tripadvisor. It