Budapest is full of stunning buildings and beautiful historical monuments. One of the main symbols of the capital city of Hungary is the Heroes’ Square. Heroes’ Square is also the best known and the most visited square in Budapest and in Hungary as well. There are a total of four Heroes’ Squares only on the
Budapest Parliament Are you interested in unique, historical buildings? Do you love art history? Then you mustn’t miss this experience! Visit the House of the Hungarian Parliament. The building is magnificent both outside and inside. If you would like to adore its architecture outside at first, join our Budapest river cruise because you can receive
Buda Castle, Budapest Castle District The Castle District has received its name from the Buda Castle. This region has a significant role in the cultural life of the Hungarian capital city and it’s also one of the most popular areas for tourists. Here you can find several medieval memories and other houses from the 17.
The public awareness believes the best time to visit Hungary, especially Budapest is during the summertime because of what the great atmosphere, the ruin bars, and the Danube river offers to the visitors. But if someone doesn’t like to sweat on the extreme hot streets at summer, here is a good news, Budapest is almost
budapest chain bridge
Would you like to know more about one of the symbolic sights of Budapest? If you would, join us, and sail under the Széchenyi Chain Bridge Budapest with Silverline Cruises! It was represented on several Hungarian coins; the last one was issued in 2009 (200 HUF). Moreover, a radio channel is also named by it in
If you are looking for a real adventure, moreover, you are a fan of history or museum of terror with a mysterious atmosphere, this old brick and mortar building will be a memorable place for you. House of terror in Budapest – Just take a moment to sit in of the cells and you will
Széchenyi Thermal Bath in the ‘City of baths’ Have you ever thought that there are 118 thermal springs under the region of the Hungarian capital city? In Budapest, you can find 11 thermal baths and strands. Three of them also please your eyes because they are imposing historical buildings. These institutions are called Lukács, Gellért,
Visit the Budapest Parliament as the third-largest in Europe, a monumental building on Kossuth Square on the Pest bank of the Danube designed by Imre Steindl. The Parliament Budapest, which is one of the most significant symbols of Hungary and Hungarian Democracy, is the place of approximately 400-450 thousand visitors a year. During the forty-five-minute
What is it like? Nowadays, you can see a lady made from bronze who is holding a palm branch in her elevated hands. Her hair and dress seem to be blown by the wind which makes the statue quite dynamic. Originally, the monument contained more figures. Its first aim was to greet the Soviet Army
How to get to the Budapest Margaret Island Margaret Island is one of the islands of the River Danube and a region of Budapest at the same time. It’s 2800 m long and its widest part is 500 m (in the middle region). The area of it is approximately 96,5 hectare. Before the 19th century,