Budapest Sightseeing Cruise

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Board our prestigious cruise ship, and enjoy the 75 minutes Sightseeing Tour.

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3 reviews for Budapest Sightseeing Cruise

  1. Andrey Golubki

    It was awesome!

  2. Stephenbruri

    Hello guys all the way from Denmark

    Happy New Year

  3. Hannah W.

    Hello Silverline Cruise,

    I just wonder about your cruise since I left Budapest. I always watch the pictures that I made on your boat. Parliament and Buda Castle or Chain Bridge, all the buildings are fantastic. I offer to everyone to try River Cruise because 75 minutes was totally enough to see everything from the City. I did not remember what was the building which was so shiny at night, I think Hungarian Theatre, I wanted to go closer for,but I couldn’t. I don’t mind, next time I will go by Silverline Cruise again,because I was alone, my family must see this.

    Best wishes,


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Your ticket includes

  • 75 minutes Budapest cruise
  • Free wifi
  • Buffet (optional)
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Cruising is the most comfortable and advantageous way of sightseeing in Budapest.

Budapest is maybe the most beautiful city the Danube touches, so it would be a shame to miss the opportunity for a river cruise. The panorama of the city is truly breath-taking and it is even more enchanting, if you happen to see it from a cruising ship on the Danube.
On board, you can marvel at the capital’s beauty, in its most spectacular buildings and you can as well take a look at the bridges of the Danube from a unique perspective, all while avoiding crowds of tourists.

Join us on this not usual sightseeing tour and you will have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture of Budapest, while enjoying the amazing panorama of both sides. Even during the day, you can discover a lot more from the middle of the Danube. At sunset, the colors are changing and Budapest becomes kind of a golden „Eldorado”, as the dark blue sky and the illuminated buildings are reflecting the contrast. Do not hesitate to be a part of this mesmerizing experience.

Our Budapest Sightseeing Cruise offers:

  • Perfect opportunity to take breath-taking photos
  • Premium quality cruising experience
  • Open terrace sightseeing
  • Closed room in case of bad weather
  • Buffet with cold beer and any other type of cold beverages and ice cream as well for summer time and warm tea for cold temperature
  • Buffet with a big variety of snacks

The only thing you have to do, is to ask our team members upon arrival to set up the preferred language for you and give you the audioguide to get a better knowledge of the buildings seen around, while floating on the river.

You can cruise through Budapest for 75 minutes on our ship.

Our luxurious cruise is ideal for all those, who would like to explore Budapest, but want more than a simple sightseeing tour. Casual buses or discovering Budapest by walk have its advantages, but if you really want to get a preview of the atmosphere of the original Budapest, of the dream our ancestors dreamed, then you should definitely have a look from an absolutely different perspective.

If you happen to become hungry during the cruise, you can choose from a variety of street food options available on our ship, just like the different type of panini or piadina for example. Or are you more like a sweet tooth type? No problem, we have delicious desserts for you.

Cruise with us on the Danube on a ship with a unique design, built in 2013. Our cruise ship is unique, in its technical qualification and appearance, it is a truly special sight on the Danube. Lay back, relax and enjoy the amazing panorama of Budapest!

We offer a 75 minutes long cruise with an audio guide, which gives you plenty of interesting and important information about the capital, while you are enjoying the breath-taking view.

Our ship sets sail from the center of Budapest, from under the Elisabeth Bridge, dock 11, it proceeds to the Margaret Bridge, where it turns back to the direction of the Rákóczi Bridge. The starting point and the finish of the cruise is the same location.

Main Budapest attractions:

  • Elisabeth Bridge – The Departure of the tour. The first rarity is the St. Gellert Monument on the opposite side on the Gellért Hil
  • Chain Bridge – This unique looking construction was the first, permanent stone bridge, that connected the two towns Buda and Pest
  • Margaret Bridge – Right after the Chain Bridge the second place belongs to Margaret Bridge, which is the second permanent stone bridge of Budapest and only 20 years younger than its ancestor
  • Liberty Bridge – Originally called Fővám Square Bridge after the place the bridge is ending. At Buda side, you reach the Gellért Hill and Hotel Gellért with one of the famous thermal baths of Budapest
  • Petőfi Bridge – Originally built in 1933, but in WW II. it was blown up by German soldiers and had to be rebuilt after 1952
  • Rákóczi Bridge – The most southern bridge of Budapest, where our tour and the ship turns back to the dock. This bridge was built for a World exhibition, that remained planned at the end, however, this bridge became very necessary to discharge the Petőfi bridge

Other attractions:

  • The Castle District: Along with the Bazaar Gardens the castle is located at top of the hills of Buda and it takes a truly breath-taking landmark by night
  • The House of Parliament: Considerably one of the most beautiful government buildings in the world
  • Gellért Hill: Emerging at the foot of Elisabeth Bridge, Gellért Hill is amongst the most visited spots of the capital, due to the amazing view

Our Budapest Sightseeing offers a 75 minutes long cruise, with an audio guide, which gives you plenty of interesting and important information about the capital, while you are enjoying the breath-taking view.
Our ship sets sail from the centre of Budapest, the Elisabeth Bridge, it proceeds to the Margaret Bridge, where it turns back to the direction of the Rákóczi Bridge. At the end of the tour the ship arrives at the departure point.