6 Unbelievable facts about the Danube river

In Budapest Danube river is one of the main natural attraction or even a hotspot of different kind of activities just like the most famous river cruises all along the whole river.
But the Danube river Budapest side is the most interesting all along Hungary, even so almost 30% of the river is located between the borders of Hungary. This is how Hungary became the best country for enjoying Budapest dinner cruise or other activities along the river.
1. The Danube flows through Europe Straightforward West-east direction. As the starting point is in the Black Forest which is a region of Germany and flows all the way in the direction of South-East till reaches the Black Sea in Romania. Still, the Danube is not the only river which empties into the Black Sea
2. All the way down the road the Danube river flows through or directly beside ten different countries just like Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania.
3. The river originated in Germany flows 2860 kilometers along Europe, what is equal with 1780 miles. With this extreme length river, Danube is the second largest river in Europe right after the Volga.
4. The Delta of the Danube is the second largest delta in the whole world and it still did not stop to grow. The Danube’s drainage basin is 817.000 km2 and this size gives place for hundreds of fish pieces not to mention the incredible flora and fauna.
5. Fresh drinking water for millions of people
As we mentioned before, it is the second largest river in Europe and provides fresh drinking water for about 10 million people, with this Danube is one of the most important sources of water in this area.
6. The river Danube is still a major shipping route nowadays for Central and even for Eastern Europe. This international waterway used to be at the heart o European political history for thousands of years.