The 10 best Fish & Seafood Restaurants in Budapest

When you visit a new country, the most important question is what to visit, what to try during the holiday. Well, in case of Budapest, based on the fact, that Hungary is constantly climbing on the gastro leaderboard, it is really important to have another question: what to eat, where to eat?
If you are interested in eating fish or seafood, it is necessary to choose carefully, since Hungary has no sea to have completely fresh sea creatures in each restaurant. Watch this list with the top ten Budapest’s Restaurant who are good at fish and seafood, pick by heart and enjoy your visit to Hungary. Also if you want to try something more special, you should try Budapest Dinner Cruise.

Where to eat seafood Budapest?

  1. Wasabi Extra Running Sushi & Wok Restaurant
    One of the best things can happen with a fish is to become a part of a great sushi plate, especially if it is served on a conveyor belt. They offer 140 different dishes, where flavors are combined from the far east with a little modern spirit.
  2. Wan Hao – Seafood Budapest
    Let’s continue this list of restaurants in Budapest with another Asian style cuisine with some extra karaoke service on the upper floors.
  3. Vörös Homár Belvárosi Halpiac és Gasztrobár
    The restaurant is located in the Hold utca market and has a fish store on the other floor. So if you want to eat fresh tuna steak, don’t hesitate to try it. If you prefer seafood, try the octopus dish with some Asian touch.
  4. The Bigfish Seafood Bistro
    The Bigfish is a lovely mixture of a Mediterranean fish market and a local restaurant for fresh fishes because you have the opportunity to pick the fresh fishes right there and ask them to prepare it for you, exactly how you like it.
  5. Stég Halsütöde
    Great street food restaurant with even better Hungarian fishes. If your partner doesn’t like fish, just choose a traditional lángos from the Hungarian cuisine. And definitely try the greaves from catfish!
  6. Nemo Fish & Chips
    If you like fish risotto or prefer shellfish spaghetti you are in the perfect place since they have a great choice of them, even if you have some lactose or gluten intolerance.
  7. Halkakas
    The team of Halkakas has a unique way of how they look at fish dishes and this is definitely not boring. Try the traditional Hungarian fish dishes in a modern, new way with a touch of creativity.
  8. Silverline Cruises
    If you want something more special, than a simple street food restaurant in a small street, far away from everything, than visit one of the dinner cruises of Silverline and enjoy floating on the Danube, while listening to a piano battle or folklore show and adore the view of the illuminated Buda and Pest at the same time.
  9. Budaörsi halpiac

Fresh fish from all around the world prepared right in front of you. Perfect atmosphere for even a Saturday morning brunch if you are looking for famous places of Budapest during the daylight.

  1. Bubba’s Water Grill
    Lunch or dinner? Alone, with friends or with your love? Great for all of them with the lovely atmosphere and good fish dishes.