10 things to do in Budapest before New Years Eve

Budapest has an amazing atmosphere during the summertime, plenty of ruin bars, open-air museums, weekly festivals and concerts, and of course do not forget the Danube river which offers another amazing perspective of the city.
Nevertheless, there are some activities which are even better during the winter, when the lights are paler this time of the year, giving an even more romantic sight of the whole city. Also here is a bucket list to visit Budapest during the cold season.
Great Market Hall Budapest…
has the most beautiful building of all the Market halls of Budapest and of course one of the most famous tourist attraction in the capital. Although not just the tourists like this Markethall, it is almost always full of local people doing daily shopping, eating local street food. Fresh food, souvenirs, and even tradition Hungarian specialties are waiting for you even during the cold season.

Budapest’s Thermal Bath
Budapest is the capital of thermal water and -starting from that- of thermal spas too. One of the most famous baths is the Szechenyi Bath, which has a huge outdoor pool, filled with warm thermal water, open during winter time. Here you can hide from the cold under the cozy warm water for sure.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Budapest
Have you ever heard about the Hungarian hospitality? The best time of the year for trying it is around Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Book a dinner cruise and enjoy the evening while getting the best perspective of both parts of the city at once.
Things to do in Budapest in December
Városligeti Műjégpálya
Alias City Park Ice Rink, which replaces the City Park Boating Lake during the winter time.
If you have your own skate, you can ask for sharpening, in case you don’t have your skate with you, renting is available as well, even, you can take a skating lesson if needed.

Mulled wine
As soon as the weather is getting chilly a little bit during the autumn period, it gives a good reason to drink a few mulled wine while discovering the most famous places in Budapest. The perfect place for it is usually a Christmas market in Budapest, but we can find a lot of outdoor bar selling hot, spicy wine on the street.

River cruise Budapest
There is only one place the Parliament looks better than standing in front of the building. While floating on a glass-fronted river cruise, having dinner with local specialties and enjoying the Hungarian folk music.

Christmas Light Tram
Budapest knows how to bring Christmas mood to a weekday while using public transportation. On the famous route which rides along the Daube river, the public transport company of Budapest enlightens the trams with led lights, like a Christmas tree giving a huge smile to the passengers and to all the people crossing his path.

Normafa is a panoramic scenery located in the Buda hills. It is famous among local people because of its fresh air and beautiful view. When it becomes white of the snow, plenty of people goes there to play in the snow, skiing or just enjoying the view with a mug full of mulled wine.

Rooftop bars
Budapest’s best winter terraces are this winter the rooftop bars, where they are already prepared for the cold season to make you be able to drink mulled wine indoors while watching the panoramic view of Budapest covered by snowfall.

When it is cold and rainy and foggy during the winter, it feels so cozy to stay indoors. Nowadays reading books becoming more and more popular and Budapest has plenty of beautiful Libraries, worth to visit.