10 things you have to visit at Christmas in Budapest

The public awareness believes the best time to visit Hungary, especially Budapest is during the summertime because of what the great atmosphere, the ruin bars, and the Danube river offers to the visitors. But if someone doesn’t like to sweat on the extreme hot streets at summer, here is a good news, Budapest is almost better to visit during the cold season. Because you can find everything and even more, an now we give you a few ideas where to start to discover this amazing city.

1. The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a two-act ballet by Tchaikovsky, which is really famous in North America and primarily played during the Christmas time. This tradition was adopted by the European continent and nowadays there is no Christmas without The Nutcracker, even in Hungary. You can buy tickets to the Erkel Teather’s show which is planned each time around Christmas time.
The Nutcracker

2. Budapest Thermal Baths

Since Budapest is the capital of thermal water, you will find plenty of thermal baths all around the city. The buildings are so unique and beautiful, they deserved to be on the list of the most famous places of Budapest. If you are an adventurer, try one of the spa parties they offer, for example, the pre-new years eve party at Széchenyi Bath. And if you are a real adventurer try all of the Budapest Thermal baths.
Budapest Thermal Baths

3. City Park Ice Rink

The biggest and most romantic open-air ice rink in Budapest at the City Park, located close to Szechenyi bath what represents an absolute different temperature of the water. After you spent the day enjoying the thermal water in the spa, you should definitely finish the day with skating on the ice rink while sipping a mug of mulled wine.
City Park Ice Rink

4. Christmas markets of Budapest

Budapest has countless Christmas markets opening around mid-November on central squares and what makes them special even for local people and for tourist as well, you can find real traditional food or authentic folk art from Hungary. The most famous Christmas market is The Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festivalat Vörösmarty Square but don’t miss the market neither which takes place in front of the Basilica.
Christmas markets of Budapest

5. Mulled wine and roast chestnut

Budapest in Decembersmells alternately like mulled wine or roast chestnut depending on which street we are walking on. Grab a warm mug full of the hot, steamy drink and enjoy the view of the old buildings, while the steam is mixed with your breath giving the scenery a more mysterious feeling.
Mulled wine and roast chestnut

6. Chimney cake

Aka Kürtőskalács is a traditional pastry always can be found on traditional fairs during the whole year. Still, the fresh, hot, fragrant sweetness tastes best when it warms up our frozen fingers at The Budapest Market. Try all the traditional flavors like with cinnamon, walnut and discover the new one like the chimney cake with coconut and choose your favorite one.
Chimney cake

7. Christmas light Tram

If you are looking for Budapest Programmes at Christmas, do not miss to use the illuminated streetcars which definitely help you feel the Christmas mood. Use a simple public transport ticket and enjoy the ride along the river, which belongs to the top 10 trolley rides based on the National Geographic.
Christmas light Tram

8. Budapest dinner cruise

What could bring us the Christmas mood faster, than a great dinner with lovely melodies while floating in the middle of the Danube river and watching the illuminated Buda and Pest side of the capital with your beloved one? Spend the Christmas in Budapest! >> BOOK CHRISTMAS DINNER TICKET
Budapest dinner cruise

9. Christmas concerts in Budapest

Around Christmas time you can find a lot of different type of concerts in Budapest even if you are interested in classical melodies or folks music, even you are looking for modern rhythm with famous bands. If you are so lucky you spent the New Year’s Eve in Budapest as well, enjoy the opportunities you can find between the two holidays.
Christmas concerts in Budapest

10. Gellért Hill

The best panoramic view of Budapest even in daylight and even during the dark hours. If you like challenges, climb up to the top from the Liberty Bridge after you had a long walk along the river on the Pest side.
Gellért Hill