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5 BEST PLACES IN BUDAPEST IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE HUNGARIAN CUISINE The basic components of the Hungarian cuisine are the Paprika, Potato, Cabbage, and the pork meat, venison, goose liver and so on, and of course the combinations of these ingredients with some spicy pepper on the top if possible or sour cream.
20th of August, the greatest national holiday in Hungary Actually, 20th August is a national holiday in Hungary but this is a really complex day because it has national, folk, and even religious features. For tourists, it’s a good new because there are various programs on this day all over the country. It’s not surprising
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Hungary is located in the Central Europe surrounded by Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. The capital city of Hungary is Budapest located in the north part of the country. The longest river in Europe – Danube devides Budapest into 2 parts, Buda and Pest. Mayor cities of the country are Debrecen, Pécs,
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It was the longest break in the history of the Budapest River Cruises. Unfortunately, we could not collect our cruises in January from many other river cruisers in Budapest. It was a long time while we had the opportunity to re-launch our cruises because of the water core of the Danube. We have tried to
Things to do in Budapest in November Budapest in November.. the Best things to do. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a real gem in the heart of Europe. It is a real frequent destination, more and more tourists are visiting the city year after year. Thanks to its continental climate, summers are not
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BEST SELLING PRODUCTS Budapest sunset time in 2019 Tourists can find various programs: there’re several famous buildings and museums, while fans of nature can also make great tours. Almost during the whole year, multiple festivals are organized in many fields: cultural, folk, gastronomy, etc. Moreover, the River Danube which separates the city into two parts