Finally, summer arrives in this month which brings numerous hours of sunshine, warm breezy air and a cool hot temperature. Thus, you can eventually drop off your long trousers and long sleeve shirts, and change them for miniskirts, tops, sandals; moreover, put on some essential accessories like sunglasses or sunhat. The pleasant weather, the better
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Things to do in Budapest Spring – the city awakens, peaceful strolls, outdoor markets, festivals The former Aquincum, ‘city of waters’ awaits its visitors all year around. With the arrival of spring the number of tourists in the busy metropolis triples. They are enchanted by the numerous historical and cultural monuments, works of art and
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September is one of the most beautiful months of the year to visit Budapest. You can still feel the warm breeze in the air; there are even sunny days especially in the last two weeks of September – also called as Indian summer. Another great factor is that the city is not as crammed with
The best ruin bars in Budapest to visit during your holiday Why are these places so special? Actually, they are pubs but you shouldn’t expect an elegant milieu. These bars can be found in old buildings which seems to be ruined. Furniture and decoration such as old toys, bikes or photos seem to be from
August – the last, but also the busiest month of the summer with many fun things to do in Budapest, the Hungarian capital city. The air is filled with a hot breeze and hot shows, festivals, concerts and activities. Several flocks of tourists occupy the city either in the surroundings of the lovely open-air baths
Visit the Danube Bend, one of the most beautiful part of Hungary The Danube bend is the most beautiful phase of the River Danube. It can be found between Esztergom and the Hungarian capital city, Budapest. If you spend your holiday in Budapest, we recommend visiting this region. It’s easily and also quite fast available.
However, January is the coldest month of the year Budapest doesn’t sleep at all. No matter whether it is about culture, entertainment, sports or art, there are fun things to do in Budapest. Outdoor events First of all, let’s see the outdoor programs. The average temperature at this time is cc. 0.5 Celsius degrees, so
Would you like to know more about one of the symbolic sights of Budapest? If you would, join us, and sail under the Széchenyi Chain Bridge Budapest with Silverline Cruises! It was represented on several Hungarian coins; the last one was issued in 2009 (200 HUF). Moreover, a radio channel is also named by it in
If you are looking for a real adventure, moreover, you are a fan of history or museum of terror with a mysterious atmosphere, this old brick and mortar building will be a memorable place for you. House of terror in Budapest – Just take a moment to sit in of the cells and you will
In Budapest Danube river is one of the main natural attraction or even a hotspot of different kind of activities just like the most famous river cruises all along the whole river. But the Danube river Budapest side is the most interesting all along Hungary, even so almost 30% of the river is located between