Budapest in February Hungary’s capital city does not come to a halt in February either. However, the temperature can even drop to -6 Celsius degrees and fewer tourists come; there are plenty of fun things to do in Budapest. Let’s see a few. Budapest in February, the month of festivals and shows After the Budapest
Easter in Hungary Religious and national holidays Hungary In Hungary, there are lots of traditions related to holidays. Obviously, they are not really served in big cities but in little villages, they are preserved even nowadays. Besides the three big national holidays, even religious holidays are celebrated with several interesting and sometimes spectacular traditions. Hungarian
When you visit a new country, the most important question is what to visit, what to try during the holiday. Well, in case of Budapest, based on the fact, that Hungary is constantly climbing on the gastro leaderboard, it is really important to have another question: what to eat, where to eat? If you are
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Budapest has an amazing atmosphere during the summertime, plenty of ruin bars, open-air museums, weekly festivals and concerts, and of course do not forget the Danube river which offers another amazing perspective of the city. Nevertheless, there are some activities which are even better during the winter, when the lights are paler this time of
Fun things to do in Budapest in April Things to do in Budapest in April In April spring surely arrives with many trees blooming, birds twittering; the whole air is filled with warmth and bright promises for the summer. Choose some fun things to do in Budapest from the below handpicked list meanwhile you enjoy
Budapest in May If you want to avoid the huge crowds of summer tourists but still enjoy the pleasant spring weather, then May is the best month to visit the Hungarian capital. There are many fun things to do in Budapest, especially in the breezy open-air; so choose some from the below handpicked list depending
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Before you are traveling to the capital city of Hungary, it is basic to check where to stay in Budapest, in which hotel or accommodation you will sleep and where you will book it for what price. The most popular websites for searching are online easily available. Top 5 aspects that you need to take
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About Hungarian People   10 Things to know about people of Hungary   If you travel to a foreign country, you don’t visit only the sights – but actually the nation itself, too. So let’s see some major tasks about Hungarian people and their country!   1. Hungarian history There were some tragic episodes which
What should you do in Budapest in October? Hungary is a centered European country, which means that is has a continental climate, including 4 changing seasons. Autumn is very special in general. Nature changes its colors and prepares for a long sleep before winter. These facts offer fantastic, spectacular and absolutely beautiful views, especially in
Budapest in March Do you also feel the pleasant spring breeze? Yes, finally the spring has arrived. Both the city and its inhabitants start to move. Let yourself be taken with the crowd, and choose from the numerous outdoor programs provided by this busy metropolis. For culture lovers There are several great concerts mainly in