Easter in Hungary
Easter in Hungary Religious and national holidays Hungary In Hungary, there are lots of traditions related to holidays. Obviously, they are not really served in big cities but in little villages, they are preserved even nowadays. Besides the three big national holidays, even religious holidays are celebrated with several interesting and sometimes spectacular traditions. Hungarian
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About Hungarian People   10 Things to know about people of Hungary   If you travel to a foreign country, you don’t visit only the sights – but actually the nation itself, too. So let’s see some major tasks about Hungarian people and their country!   1. Hungarian history There were some tragic episodes which
20th of August, the greatest national holiday in Hungary Actually, 20th August is a national holiday in Hungary but this is a really complex day because it has national, folk, and even religious features. For tourists, it’s a good new because there are various programs on this day all over the country. It’s not surprising
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Hungary is located in the Central Europe surrounded by Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. The capital city of Hungary is Budapest located in the north part of the country. The longest river in Europe – Danube devides Budapest into 2 parts, Buda and Pest. Mayor cities of the country are Debrecen, Pécs,