Danube River Cruise Budapest to Szentendre

Cruise with us to Szentendre to marvel in the beauty of the city also known as the jewel of the Danube Bend. Get fascinated by the cultural heritage and the unique architecture, and experience the lovely atmosphere of this town with our Danube River Cruise Budapest to Szentendre.

Danube River Cruise Budapest to Szentendre

Our cruise is a great opportunity to see the marvellous panorama of the Danube Bend and the Szentendre Isle. As our ship approaches Szentendre, the scenic landscape will surely captivate everyone on board with its beauty.

As a part of our cruise, our guests will have the opportunity to explore the centre of the town, which is said to evoke the atmosphere of Venice.  The baroque style buildings and the narrow, cobbled streets of the main square, as well as the Bükkös creek flowing through the town gives the visitor the feeling of being in a fairy-tale.

Every single corner, every single narrow street hides something wonderful for the visitors of the town. Many interesting museums, marvellous temples await their guests, as well as amazing look-outs that offer breath-taking panorama. The colourful houses and rooftops, the intriguing structures and the ever-changing spectrum of colours depending on the time of the day all contribute to the bohemian feeling of the town. Szentendre is called the town of painters as it inspired and has been the home of many generations of Hungarian artists.


The main street of the town, Bogdányi street, that became the favourite shopping street among tourists can be approached from the main square. The street is a paradise for the lovers of traditional Hungarian merchandise, also known as Hungaricum. The merchants offer a wide variety of high quality, hand-crafted goods: different textiles with Hungarian motifs and patterns, unique jewellery and artistically detailed decorative and souvenir items.

Our Danube River Cruise Budapest to Szentendre sets sail from dock nr. 11, next to the Pest-side head of Elisabeth Bridge and then, there is a boarding point at Batthyány square too.

The boarding points make it possible for our guests to take a look at the amazing panorama of Budapest too.

Join our cruise to Szentendre, and treat yourself with a pleasant, yet culture-infused experience!

You get the opportunity to marvel in the breath-taking panorama of Budapest and in its most monumental buildings, for example the House of Parliament.

The prices of our cruise to Szentendre are per one person and include 27% VAT. The journey

can be interrupted in any direction at intermediate stops, but the ticket is valid for a single boarding only at any stops on the day of the cruise.


The centre of Szentendre is popular among artists, so you will most probably meet painters and street musicians here and there. The town itself may be tiny, but it is always full of life, so do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a street festival as you take a turn from a street to another.

The romantic river side of the Danube offers a wide variety of inns that invite their guests with charming lights and mouth-watering aromas. The location is also rich in restaurants, cafés and confectioneries, so everyone can find a place to take a rest and have a lunch.